2ª Edition Commercial Film Workshop

2ª Edition Commercial Film Workshop

Commercial film workshop organized by APPES - Promoción Exterior de Sevilla


In line with policies to attract film-shootings to the city, gain professionals for the same and boost some other promotion activities in Seville, this is the second year in a row that the Seville Town Hall, through the Seville External Promotion Office (APPES), organises an activity aimed at such goals. An event included in the Seville European Film Festival, co-organised with Deluxe Spain and the Advertising Film Producers Association of Spain (APCP).

The Commercial Film Workshop of the present year is even more ambitious, widening the scope and gathering in Seville an important number of Advertising Film producers, the Spanish Creative Club and advertising agencies. It is a complete novelty and very interesting for the three sectors, given the synergies which can result from them. Thus, Seville will become a common reference point in the level of creativity.


November 8th

1st Conference Series at the Seville Camara de Comercio.
Advertisement experts will explain to the members of production companies in Seville and Andalusia the new trends, the best systems to work with the private sector, the changes taking place in the markets, etc.

11.30: Miggel Schwickerath: Changes in the Audiovisual Industry, Production and Digital Distribution.

12.30: Pablo Pérez-Solero Puig and Julio David Gálvez Carlos, from Bungalow 25: Advertising and Film.

12.30: General Assembly of APCP (Advertising Film Producers Association of Spain). For APCP members only.

12.30: AEACP Directors Meeting (Spanish Association of Advertising Communication Agencies). For its 15 members only.


2nd Conference Series

16:00 to 19:00: Roundtable: “Where are the resources for Audiovisual Production of the Spanish advertising entities going”.


Alfonso Gonzalez, from Arena Media Communication (Madrid). His intervention will deal with the necessary data to analyse the current context of the advertising investment. How has it developed, in media, new formulas, what do the clients need to assign an interesting production budget.

Pepa Rojo. Her intervention will be about what is a digital production company and differences and similarities with a conventional production company.

David Troncoso Fundador, executive producer and script writer of 100 Balas. Intervention about Brandend Content.

20.30: Spanish Advertising Production Award Ceremony. At the Seville Teatro Alameda.


November 9th

3rd Conference Series. Venue: Camara de Comercio

10.00: Creative Club Roundtable.
The Three Wise Men are the production companies.
What creatives always wished but never dared requesting.

12.00: Scouting in Seville.

November 8th and 9th 
Cámara de Comercio de Sevilla
C/Biología, 12. Edificio Vilamar 2, 2da planta. Torneo Parque Empresarial
More information: 955 471 025

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