The painter Cristina Lama reinterprets film genres in the poster for the SEFF

The painter Cristina Lama reinterprets film genres in the poster for the SEFF

Wednesday 23 de September 2015

The Seville painterCristina Lama (Seville, 1977)tackles the theme of film for the first time in her career to create the poster that defines the image of the 12th Edition of the Seville European Film Festival. 

For a source of inspiration, the artist has look to film genres which appear in overlapping representations that form a dynamic, vibrant puzzle in which blue, red and white – coincidentally those in the famous trilogy by Krzsztof Kieslowski- are the main colours.

In the execution of this commissioned work, Lama has used china ink on paper to obtain a false engraving, pictorial techniques used in previous experiences and collections, and also the process of superposition and the collage of ideas, but at the same time looking for a different focus in the composition,achieving a result that is full of energy and stimulus, values which characterize the Seville European Film Festival. 

The poster also incorporates an interpretation of the Seville Walls in the lower partof the image as an evocative element of the city. 



•    "Que cómo dormirán los vecinos de este pueblo" in the JM Gallery,  Malaga (2012)
•    "Todo lo que dicen de nosotros es mentira" in the HuelvaMuseum (2012)
•    "Ángulo muerto" in theBegoña MaloneGallery, Madrid (2011)
•    "Teatro Negro" in Sala Rivadavia of the Provincial Cultural Foundation, Cadiz Council and in the Cruz HerreraMuseum-Manolo AlésGallery, La Línea de la Concepción (2007-2008)
•    "Amarre" in theChristopher Cutts Gallery , Toronto (2006)


•    "Fin de Fiesta à Séville"in MIAM,Musée International des ArtsModestes, Sète, France (2014)
•    "Avaritiaomniummalorumradix" 12th Martínez GuerricabeitiaBiennial,University of Valencia (2014)
•    "On painting" in CEART Fuenlabrada, Madrid (2013)
•    "Monstruo. Historias, promesas y derivas" in theChirivella SorianoFoundation, Valencia (2013)
•    "Rouge Sanguin" in theEspace Robert Poulin., Montreal (2012)
•    Contemporary Istanbul ,Cordeiros Gallery, Istanbul (2012)
•    Art Toronto 2012, Cordeiros Gallery, Toronto
•    Art Moscoso 2012, CordeirosGallery, Moscow
•    "I nuovimostri" in theCostantini Art Gallery, Milan (2012)

CAC Malaga. Centre of Contemporary Art, Malaga.
CAAC. Andalusian Centre of Contemporary Art, Seville.
Fundación Focus – Abengoa. Sevilla.
Benetton Art Collection, Spain.
Provincial Cultural Foundation. Huelva Council.
Provincial Cultural Foundation.Cadiz Council.
Cruz HerreraMuseum. Manolo AlésGallery.  La Línea de la Concepción. Cadiz.
Municipal Collection.Utrera City Council. Seville.
Municipal Collection.Carmona City Council. Seville.
Lozano GroupCollection.
Marifí Plazas Gal. Collection. Cartagena.
CordeirosCollection. Oporto. Portugal.
Arena Collection. Madrid.
CarragoselaCollection. Lisbon. Portugal.

She is currently exhibiting her work in the JM Gallery (Malaga), the Cavecanem Gallery (Seville) and theCostantini Art Gallery (Milan) among others.

Download the poster in high definition from the Press Area on the Festival website



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