Saturday 16 de November 2013

The Seville European Film Festival, in its tenth edition, has awarded the Gold Giraldillo to Stranger by the lake (France), by Alain Guiaraudie, “for its sincere and original approach to the nature of love”. This film also won the Best Photography award for Clair Mathon. Also in the Official Section, Sacro Gra (Italy, France), directed by Gianfranco Rosi, won the Silver Giraldillo, “for capturing ordinary life with extraordinary sensitivity and humanity”, in the words of the international jury, presided by Manuel Martín Cuenca and also made up by Mar Call, Carlotto Cotta, Mira Fornay and Liza Linardou. The award for Best Direction went to Tsai Ming-Liang, for Stray Dogs (France, Taiwan), while Best Script went to The Selfish Giant (United Kingdom), written by Clio Barnard. The award for Best Actress went to Alexandra Finder, for her role in The Police Officer’s Wife (Germany), and that for Best Actor was for Toni Servillo, who had the leading role in La grande bellezza (Italy, France). This last film also received the Eurimages award for the Best European Co-production. The Camp_US award for Best Film from Las Nuevas Olas, the second competitive section, was for La jungla interior, by Juan Barrero, “for its aesthetic, symbolic and poetic qualities, for the personal implication in the creative process of the work by the leading actress, Gala Pérez, and also because it is necessary to contribute to the distribution of a film that is having serious difficulties in being shown in cinemas.” The jury gave the award for Best Non-Fiction Film from Las Nuevas Olas to Costa de Morte, by Lois Patiño, “for its poetic exploration of the physical and human landscape of a mythical territory like Finisterrae, while it gave a special mention to It For Others, by Duncan Campbell, “for its radical political position without concessions at such a difficult historical moment as the one we are living through”. The award for Best Film from Resistancias, a section which appeared for the first time in this edition and which was given by the Fipresci jury, went to El triste olor de la carne, by Cristóbal Arteaga, “for the way in which the director represents the crisis through one man who is losing everything and for how he shows his last fight for dignity”. This jury also appreciated its “sophisticated, disciplined minimalism in the narrative, which combines art cinema with the social thriller”. In addition, the votes of the infant and juvenile spectators of the Europa Junior section gave the Junior Giraldillo to Oggy and the cockroaches, an animated feature film directed by Olivier Jean-Marie. The Audience Grand Prix for the EFA Selection, a section made up by the most awarded and applauded European films, was for Alabama Monroe, by Felix Van Groeningen, Belgium’s representative for the Oscar. Finally, the jury of the Association of Film Writers of Andalusia (Asecan) presented its award for the Official Section to La grande bellezza, by Paolo Sorrentino, “for composing a fabulous fresco of society that represents the western world, making a profound criticism through beauty as a human creation”. It was also decided to give a special mention to 10.000 noches en ninguna parte, by Ramón Salazar, “for photographing second chances by the light of his feelings) The same jury gave the short film award in Panorama Andaluz to No tiene gracia, by Carlos Violadé, “for his excellent script, format and acting, which transcends the anecdote to reveal a surprise ending.” COMPLETE PALMARÉS • Gold Giraldillo for best film in the Official Section: Stranger by the lake, by Alain Guiraudie. • Silver Giraldillo for the best film in the Official Section: Sacro Gra, by Gianfranco Rosi. • Best actress: Alexandra Finder (The Police Officer’s Wife) • Best actor: Toni Servillo (La grande bellezza) • Best director: Tsai Ming-Liang (Stray Dogs) • Best script: Clio Barnard (The Selfish Giant) • Award for Best direction of photography for the films in the Official Section: Claire Mathon, for Stranger by the lake. • Deluxe Award-Las Nuevas Olas: La jungla interior, by Juan Barrero. • Las Nuevas Olas-Non fiction: Costa da Morte, by Lois Patiño. • Award for Best short film Panorama Andaluz: No tiene gracia, by Carlos Violadé. • Award for best film in the section Resistencias: El triste olor de la carne, by Cristóbal Arteaga. • Award for best film in the section Europa Junior: Oggy and the cockroaches, by Olivier Jean-Marie. • Audience Grand Prix for Best film in the EFA Selection 2013: Alabama Monroe, by Felix van Groeningen. • IV Seville University European Film Award: the project Las novias, presented by Elena López Riera. • Eurimages for best European co-production: La grande bellezza, by Paolo Sorrentino. • MARVIN & WAYNE Award to the short film in the Panorama Andaluz section: Tin & Tina (España), by Rubin Stein.


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