Thursday 08 de October 2015

The  XII edition of the Seville European Film Festival is welcoming from Thursday 8th October the exhibition organised by Acción Cultural Española (AC/E), in collaboration with the Seville Institute of Culture and the Arts (ICAS) and SEFF´15, 'PLATEA. Photographers look at cinema'. Until 14th December, a total of 40 photographs will show, in the Alameda de Hércules, the view of cinema of some of Spain’s leading photographers who, over the course of their careers, have turned their own particular perspective to the world of the big screen.

The curator Blanca Berlín was commissioned to select the 40 Spanish photographers whose works converge, while being very diverse, in the admiration and empathy which the spectacle of cinema produces in almost all of us. “Photography and cinema are two complementary artistic disciplines which offer us windows through which we can look at other realities”, said the curator, also a photographer, at the opening of the exhibition which took place on Thursday morning outside the Casa de las Sirenas. Also present, attending to the media and the first visitors, was the delegate from Urban Habitat, Culture and Tourism of Seville City Council, Antonio Muñoz, who praised the great quality of the images and their proximity to residents as they are in one of the busiest squares in the city.

PLATEA is conceived by AC/E to be shown at Spanish film festivals with the idea of bringing it closer to the public. This was stated by the coordinator of Cine de Acción Cultural Española, José Manuel Gómez, when he confirmed that “the exterior format of the exhibition means that everyone can enjoy the images. The exhibition has arrived in Seville after its presence at the San Sebastian Festival, and it will continue travelling to other important film events in the country”.  The director of the Seville European Film Festival, José Luis Cienfuegos, stressed the world wide repercussion of the year-long coordination between the SEFF and AC/E in a programme for the internationalization of Spanish filmmakers.

Photography and cinema have been mutual sources of inspiration for more than a century and this is clearly seen in this exhibition with the works of 40 photographers renowned both inside and outside of Spain: Amparo Garrido, Ana Muller, Andreu Catalá Roca, Antonio Lafuente, Antonio Tabernero, Beatriz Moreno, Beatriz Romero, Blanca Berlín, Carlos Pérez Siquier, Castro Prieto, Chema Conesa, Chema Madoz, Ciuco Gutiérrez, Colita, Cristina de Middel, Cristina García Rodero, Eduardo Momeñe, Encarna Marín, Francesc Catalá Roca, Gabriela Grech, Gerardo Custance, Hélène Bergaz, Joan Fontcuberta, Jordi Socías, Juan Manuel Díaz Burgos, Laura Torrado, Linarejos Moreno, Ma Casanova, Manel Esclusa, Manuel Vilariño, Martí Llorens, Miguel Ángel Mendo, Mikel Bastida, Nicolás Muller, Ouka Leele, Ramón Masats, Ricard Terré, Rosa Muñoz, Rosell Meseguer and Sergio Belinchón.


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Organised and produced by: Acción Cultural Española (AC/E)

With the collaboration of: Seville Institute of Culture and the Arts (ICAS) and the Seville European Film Festival

Curator: Blanca Berlín

Design: Antonio Lenguas

Venue and dates: Seville European Film Festival / Alameda de Hércules / 18th October – 14th December 2015


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