Atín Aya and ‘La isla Mínima’ show us the Marshlands of the Guadalquivir

Atín Aya and ‘La isla Mínima’ show us the Marshlands of the Guadalquivir

Thursday 15 de October 2015

This Thursday the visual exhibition ‘Marshlands: Atín Aya and La isla Mínima’ opens at the Casino of Seville’s Ibero-American Exhibition of 1929. This exhibition, which is part of the parallel activities at the SEFF 2015 will be open to the public until 10th January.

It should be remembered that the origin of the successful film La isla Mínima (2014), by Alberto Rodríguez, came from a photography exhibition by Atín Aya on the Marshlands of the Guadalquivir which the Seville film director and Alex Catalán (Director of Photography on the film) attended in 2000.

Aya’s photographs fascinated both Rodríguez and Catalán with the atmosphere and the characters they portrayed: a journey around the inhabitants and the scenery in the Marshlands in a series of photographs taken between 1991 and 1996,which, however, seemed to reflect images captured in the 60s and 70s. This idea of people anchored in a past time was what inspired them to write a western, a political thriller about the Spanish transition that finally took shape in The Isla Mínima.

This, then, is the starting point of ‘Marismas: Atín Aya and La isla Minima’, a multidisciplinary/multimedia exhibition project about the landscape as a creative space and about the link between Atín Aya’s photographic work and Alberto Rodríguez’s film work. This space shows the similarities but also the differences between a photographic documentary and a fiction film with the same central character: the Marshlands.

The exhibition is divided into three large blocks, with the intention of preserving the specific format of each work: the photographic work on one side and the filmic work on the other.

A first block will show the photographs which Atín Aya took in the Marshlands of the Guadalquivir between 1991 and 1996, and which could be seen in an exhibition in 2000.

A second block includes the part corresponding to the film La isla Mínima, directed by Alberto Rodríguez in 2014, and in it various scenes from the film are projected, showing both the countryside and the inhabitants of the Marshlands; it is completed with photographs from the shoot and sketches by the film’s art director.

The third and final block of the exhibition shows the inspirations, coincidences and differences between both works.

 ‘Marshlands: Atín Aya and La Isla Mínima’ will be exhibited at the Exhibition Casino from 15th October (opening 20:00) to 10th January 2016, Tuesday to Sunday 10.00-14.00 and 17.00-20.30. Admission is free.


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