The documentary ‘Mi querida España’ wins the 2015 IMAGENERA Award

The documentary ‘Mi querida España’ wins the 2015 IMAGENERA Award

Friday 16 de October 2015

This Friday, the Jury for the Documentary Creation Competition IMAGENERA, Reality and Memory of Andalusia, organised by the Centro de Estudios Andaluces, published the result of the ninth edition of this competition in which the winner of the first prize, worth 7,000 euros, was the documentary Mi Querida España, directed by Mercedes Moncada Rodríguez and produced by La Zanfoña Producciones.

The songs at the Cadiz carnaval and the vast archive of the journalist Jesús Quintero, with over 5,000 interviews from programmes like El perro verdeEl loco de la colina or Cuerda de presos, provided the basis for this documentary which looks at the Spain’s most recent history.

The SEFF will be the setting for the presentation of the 2015 IMAGENERA Awards at a gala that will include the screening of the winning documentary. The documentary which won second prize, Melchor Rodríguez, el ángel rojo, by Alfonso Domingo, will also be included in the SEFF programme.

The Centro de Estudios Andaluces is thus continuing, for the third consecutive year, with the line of collaboration established with the Seville European Film Festival for the encouragement and joint promotion of audiovisual creation made and produced in Andalusia or about Andalusia, about its history, social reality, identity and culture.

For the IMAGENERA jury –made up by the director of the Centro de Estudios Andaluces, Mercedes de Pablos Candón; as president; the director of the Filmoteca de Andalucía, Pablo García Casado; the director of the Seville European Film Festival, José Luis Cienfuegos; the profesor at the Univesity of Seville and member of the Consejo Audiovisual de Andalucía, Cristina Cruces; and the writer and film expert, Manolo Grosso–, the documentary Mi querida España “offers a surprising and even spinechilling diagnosis of how the Spain of today, with its light and shadow, was foretold over 30 years ago”.


The film, explains José Luis Cienfuegos, spokesman of the jury for this edition, “distances itself from the predictable as it is the combination of sounds and images taken from two such different media as the radio and televisión, and also by how it uses the voiceover, the silences, those silences so emblematic of Jesús Quintero, and how it acknowledges films which have taken a deeper look at the Spain of the Transition, such as La escopeta nacional by Berlanga".


The Second Prize in 2015 IMAGENERA, worth 3,000 euros, was awarded to Melchor Rodríguez, el ángel rojo, from Argonauta Producciones and directed by the journalist Alfonso Domingo. This film recovers the figure of Melchor Rodríguez García, from Seville, unknown to the majority of Spanish people even though he saved the lives of thousands of people during the Civil War.

For the jury, this documentary has “an undisputable value for its contribution to a fund of references for knowledge of our recent history”. The director of the Centro de Estudios Andaluces, Mercedes de Pablos, stressed that “it is a work based on many years of investigation, made with the rigour and care required when working with history and its protagonists, and it is proof of the value that the audiovisual format has for investigators, both for the present and for the future”. 


A total of 70 documentaries competed in this ninth edition of IMAGENERA, double the number of participants registered for the last edition, proving, on the one hand, the acceptance and interest aroused by these Awards in the profesional community and, on the other, the good state of health of the audiovisual production being made in and on Andalusia.

With social reality and the memory of Andalusia as the subject matter for the competition, the films presented, from both inside and outside our borders, have covered a wide range of formats and genres: historical and anthropological documentaries, biographies, testimonies, musicals, and also more experimental works. Since 2007, IMAGENERA has been acknowledging works that reflect on Andalusia and interpret it in its widest and most diverse sense, from any perspecitve and aesthetic approach.


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