The European Commission renews its support  for the Seville European Film Festival

The European Commission renews its support for the Seville European Film Festival

Thursday 24 de August 2017

The European Union, through the sub-programme MEDIA which forms part of Creative Europe’s activities to support the European audiovisual sector, has just published the results of its latest convocation of subsidies to festivals, renewing its support for the Seville European Film Festival which is holding its 14th edition from 3d to 11th November of this year.

The concession of these subsidies is the result of one of the European Commission’s main objectives: the support of the development of audiences as a way to stimulate interest in European audiovisual works and improve access to these through promotion, the organisation of events, film literacy and festivals.

SEFF, organised by the Department of Urban Habitat, Culture and Tourism of Seville City Council, was evaluated according to the criteria of relevance, quality of contents and activities, diffusion of results, impact and sustainability of the project and capacity of the organising team, obtaining an overall score of 90 out of 100, with which the Commission has recognised the trajectory and consolidation of the Seville Festival as “one of the most outstanding film events on the European scene, with a growing importance at world level”.

In its report, the Commission highlighted the wide range of activities that extend the festival beyond mere screenings, and also its efforts to widen its audience by reaching out to the public, to collectives, to every sector of the population, through collaboration with institutions and associations. In particular it mentioned SEFF’s work with educational entities in the area in order to promote activities which encourage film literacy and to create new audiences.  These activities are carried out across the Festival’s structure, involving participants in workshops, presentations and even in the programming of films.

MEDIA has also recognised the wisdom of maintaining Festival activity throughout the year, via the SEFF365 activities, in order to increase the positioning of the event, along with the good management of its communication, via both traditional media and the social networks. This projection of SEFF, and also its constant collaboration with European organisations such as the Lux Awards, Eurimages or EFA, have been recognised as the best strategies for raising the general quality of programming and for making the Festival an efficient platform and the perfect setting which numerous film distributors use for the launch of their films on Spanish territory.

Thus, the management of SEFF has been endorsed as an initiative that positions the city of Seville on the national and international stage, and as a reference for good cultural practices because of its participative nature, the creation of networks with other institutions and for how it has reached out to new audiences. These strategies by the SEFF team, which have been strengthened in the last year, increased the MEDIA qualification for the concession of the subsidy of 63,000 euros.

In addition to see SEFF, the MECAL Pro Barcelona International Short and Animation Film Festival has also received a subsidy for this programme in Spain. At a European level, a total of 34 projects were selected for subsidy for a total amount of 1,695,00 euros.  










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