Culture against weapons, culture as a weapon.

Culture against weapons, culture as a weapon.

Sunday 15 de November 2015

Today, the Seville European Film Festival shares France’s grief, Europe’s grief, Seville’s grief.

A grief made up of solidarity, and liberty, and equality, and fraternity, and culture as healing power, as civil power.  

Culture against weapons, culture as a weapon.

There is neither cinema, nor poetry, nor art, nor critical conscience if there is no freedom and respect.

Only through culture we can fight fanaticism, we can win the battle against terror. Culture not only is creation but also knowledge and coexistence.

Nations grow stronger when they win the battle of terror. And there’s not better antidote to fear than education, culture and democracy.

Culture against fear.

The cinema we represent, which is the cinema of the Lumière brothers, and Meliés, and Renoir, and Cocteau and Clair, and Bresson, and Tati, and Truffaut, and Godard, and Resnais, and Tanner, and Buñuel… cinema as the homeland of dreams and realities, supports today the victims and is and always will be in favour of life.

Every human life is a frame we have to preserve, otherwise the screen fades to black. There is no such thing as a human being full of life and hope.

Seville has lived intense days of cinema and freedom. Seville, crossroad of civilizations, mix of many cultures and beliefs is today, more than ever, fille de France.

The Seville Film Festival encourages not to drop the curtains and close the doors. Freedom needs us all.

The future of Europe, which is the future of the world, needs temperance and brave hearts.

The world needs us to believe in dreams, to believe in cinema.

Blessed are the hearts that can bend; they shall never be broken.           

Let the quote of Albert Camus, French citizen born in Algeria, the conscience of Europe, serve us as guide today, tomorrow and forever. And we shall reconvene next year with renewed cultural strength and hope.  


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