Tuesday 27 de October 2015

SEFF NIGHT, the heading that brings together The Concerts at the Seville European Film Festival, is entering its fourth edition in 2015, after the success achieved in previous years. The season of concerts has become, on the one hand, an unmissable date on the music lover’s calendar in the city, and on the other, the nighttime meeting place for both public and guests that a festival like the one Seville needed.

Characterised by eclecticism in its artistic proposals and its support for emerging talents and for the scene far removed from the mainstream –also the outstanding characteristics of the offer by SEFF, the main event-, SEFF NIGHT will again offer in 2015 nine straight nights featuring concerts and DJ sessions. If in previous editions, thanks to SEFF NIGHTS we were able to enjoy performances by names such as Hola A Todo El Mundo, Triángulo de Amor Bizarro, Joaquín Pascual, Baths, Soledad Vélez, David Holmes, Pablo Und Destruktion, Silver Apples, Aurora & The Betrayers, Sid LeRock, The Milkyway Express and John Gray, among others, this year –as the specialist magazine Mondosonoro said of the previous editions - “the Seville European Film Festival music programme is true to the idea of the main festival of delving into different visions and points of view”.

In two regular stage venues in the city like the Café Casino de la Exposición (where the opening and closing concerts will be held on Friday 6th and Saturday 14th November) and the Sala X (where we can enjoy the rest of the programme, from Saturday 7th to Friday 13th November), we can attend nine events with music as the protagonist: the beautiful and daring folktronic from Le Parody, the lo-fi pop costumbrismo of Las Ruinas, the brutal sonic ferocity of Perro, the exquisite classicism of Kurt Baker Combo and Toni Love & The Dirty Band, the elegance of a legend like Mark Olson, the furious outbursts of Little Cobras y Lucro, the always unpredictable creativity of Joe Crepúsculo, the traditional inheritance plagued with psychedelia of Jysus, and the cool sensitive charm of Sophie Auster. In addition, after each concert the DJ cabins in the venues will provide musical selections from names like Maribel & Sebastian Amenizadores, La Antonia Pincha, Trifásico Sonido Ambiente, Marieta Dj-Yé and Reyes Estrada, among others.

All the concerts are free and have the collaboration of **Jägermeister**  and **Desperado**. Once again, a great time is guaranteed.



Le Parody + Maribel Sebastian & Amenizadores

Friday 6th November, 00.30h. Café Casino de la Exposición

In “Hondo”, her long-awaited new album, a Sole Parody more daring than ever reinterprets in her own very distinctive way the folklore of the vast south, from Cadiz to Bollywood. Always willing to twist genres into endless loops, the Andalusian singer surprises acquaintances and strangers with a proposal that lies between revisionist folktronic –here there are coplas, saetas,  bulerías and even lullabies- and clubber bizarrism, which establishes unexpected connections with other current geniuses on our scene like  Rocío Márquez or Niño de Elche. Olé.



Las Ruinas + Marieta Dj-Yé

Saturday 7th November, 00.30h. Sala X

These musicians from Barcelona, in a mixture of leg-pulling and sincerity, say that they play heavy pop. Be that as it may, “Toni Bravo”, their latest work, is another reliable example of a unique talent in Spanish pop and that amazing ease for portraying in lo-fi the (sur)realistic world that surrounds us with a selection of songs that are a mixture of Los Nikis and Pavement.



Perro + Dj Reyes Estrada

Sunday 8th November, 00.30h. Sala X

Barely two years ago, “Tiene bacalao, tiene melodía” had everyone talking about this group with a short name but an enormous “bite”. A majestic debut where the combo’s very personal loves –from Valeri Karpin to “Historias de la puta mili”- became universal thanks to such undoubted milestones as “Marlotina” and such chorused delights as “La reina de Inglaterra”. Their second album, “Estudias, navajas”, promises to reoffend in that erudite chanantismo and that sound in capital letters of the Murcians.



Kurt Baker Combo + Toni Love & The Dirty Band + Toni Love Dj

Monday 9th November, 00.30h. Sala X

The Portland musician has always had followers in our country, long before he settled in Madrid: his time with the Leftovers, his first steps in pop punk, had already won him that affection. Since then, he has earned his reputation as front man in authentic onstage parties and as the creator of power pop songs. In this renamed Combo he is also surrounded by members of Peralta, Paul Collins Beat, The Bright and Alrighters. And to round things off, he’ll be accompanied by Toni Love & The Dirty Band from Seville, oh yeah.



Mark Olson + Cherni Laboratorio Stereo

Tuesday 10th November, 00.30h. Sala X

Over the last thirty years, Mark Olson, one of the founding members along with Gary Louris of the legendary Jayhawks, has accumulated a collection of songs as extensive as it is famous, a compendium of folk knowledge, country gems and American sound. “Good-bye Lizelle”, his latest album, recorded in motorhomes, houses in the country and motels along with his companion Ingunn Ringvold, a Norwegian singer and multi-instrumentalist, distils that unmistakable traditional flavour, impregnated with an almost ancestral charm.



Little Cobras + Lucro + Dj Elena Duque & Jesús Guisado

Wednesday, 11th November, 00.30h. Sala X

Less is best, the saying goes. And the two combos that will alternate tonight on the stage of the Sala X squeeze that blessed maxim to the limit. On one side of the ring, the sweaty, viperish punk rock of Little Cobras, a power trio raring to go. In the other corner, the well-matched duo formed by Lucro and his surprising, abrasive live performance, which swings hypnotically between psychotic blues and the most visceral trash rock. Old sayings are the wisest: the good, if brief, is twice as good.


Joe Crepúsculo + Tali Carreto

Thursday 12th November, 00.30h. Sala X

Capable of reinventing himself time and again without losing an iota of authenticity –free guys were always the most authentic- Joël Iriarte aka Jos Crepúsculo aka Crepus has carved out an acclaimed career at breakneck speed, a mixture of creative schizophrenia and love of risk. Something to be thankful for in these times, more inclined towards comfortable jogging than obstacle races. “Nuevos ministerios”, his latest work, goes deeper into that achievement, opening another dawn for Crepúsculo.



Jysus + Trifásico Sonido Ambiente

Friday 13th November, 00.30h. Sala X

As if the Byrds went drinking in Malasaña, this Madrid band plays with insulting ease that folk rock with psychodelic and acoustic tints that has us drooling. One of the best kept secrets, to our regret, on the national scene. A real mystery in the era of (over)information and the online nest of gossip that is the social networks. Although they open for international names like Micah P. Hinson or for pals like Wild Honey, Jysus are still the band to be discovered. Be advised, dear seffpublic.


Sophie Auster + La Antonia Pincha

Saturday 14th November, 00.30h. Café Casino de la Exposición

Singer, actress, model, it-girl and, as the journalist Jorge Benítez defined her in a beautiful and precise way in an interview, “the happy prisoner of the memory of her parents, the writers Paul Auster and Siri Hustvedt”. But beyond the inevitable arty-genetic inheritance, Sophie Auster has found in music the perfect ally for presenting her yearnings. And she doesn’t do it at all badly: “Dogs and Men”, her latest album, has been showered with comparisons with Tom Waits and Billie Holiday. The daughter has grown up.




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