The New Waves/ Non_Fiction

The New Waves/ Non_Fiction

Friday 21 de October 2016

Among the films competing this year we have All These Sleepless Nights, an unreserved immersion in the hedonism of young people who move endlessly through night parties and raves, winner of Best Direction at Sundance and directed by Michal Marczak; and the German film Austerlitz, by Sergei Loznitsa, presented at the last Venice Festival, focuses on the flocks of tourists who fill the former concentration camps with audioguides amd selfie sticks. Ruth Beckermann portrays the captivating correspondence which the poets Ingeborg Bachmann and Paul Celan maintained for thirty years through the relationship between an actor and an actress in the film The Dreamed Ones.

Eldorado XXI, is an expedition to the highest human settlement in the world, captured by one of the most promising filmmakers in today’s Portuguese film industry, Salomé Lamas, and in Hitza egin (faire la parole), Eugène Green (also present in the Official Section with Le fils de Joseph) reflects on how you live your youth depending on the language you speak, in a film that mixes French and Basque. Kurdwin Ayub, whose short pieces have been programmed in a special segment in the season ‘Yo NO soy esa’, presents in this non-fiction section Paradise! Paradise!, in which the young director talks about her father’s paradise, Iraki Kurdistan..

We´ll Be Alright by Alexander Kuznetsov, an award winner at the prestigious festival Visions du Réel, shows the moving struggle by two Russian women to get out of a mental institution and in What Means Something, the director Ben Rivers looks at the naif, corrosive work by the painter Rose Wylie while he sets out a parable about creation and the meanings of art. Likewise, in Homo Sapiens, presented at the last Berlin Festival, Nikolaus Geyrhalter transports the spectator to an apocalyptic world based on impressive images of abandoned spaces or non-places. 

Added to these are the Spanish titles mentioned above and also Wrong Elements by Jonathan Littell; Exile by Rithy Panh; and Correspondencias by Rita Azevedo Gomes. Out of competition, Marie Losier, one of the filmmakers included in the ‘Yo NO soy esa’ season, presents in the New Waves / Non Fiction O Pássaro da Noite, a colouristic film without dialogue which becomes a walk through the universe of the Lisbon performer Fernando, aka Deborah Krystal.


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