Saturday 15 de October 2016

After days of viewing films and debating, it has been agreed that Daydreams is the film they want prepare for its presentation and accompaniment at SEFF, for which they will have to prepare the Q&A with its director, Caroline Deruas. Young Programmers is an activity in Moving Cinema, a project by A Bao A qu. Cristian J. Ceballos is the SEFF coordinator who has been holding workshops for the young people, and the number of participants attending them has increased in this edition.

Cristina Camps, from RNE’s programme ‘En primera persona’, was at the first debating session, and one of the young programmers was able to attend the RNE studios for a programme made by 'Artesfera' about this activity. Perhaps the most notable thing about the sessions has been the great dedication shown by the potential programmers, whose comments about the films have meant that it is the festival which is learning more about these new gazes. They all agree that the viewing of the films doesn’t start from an interest in knowing what will happen or the outcome of the story, but from a different enjoyment of the film, centred more on other emotional and even technical aspects which they didn’t take into account before. 

“The festival’s films let your imagination fly”, with those words one of the participants summed up her experience in Young Programmers. The Seville European Film Festival encourages interaction between the public and the filmmakers and suggests that the journey is seen as an adventure, not as a search for the perfect film. This same philosophy has impregnated the work by the Young Programmers, who have learned to look at the films, travelling through the emotions of the protagonists, or looking at formal aspects, such as the lighting or sound. They have also stressed the difference between seeing a film as a spectator or as a programmer. In the second case, you have to put yourself – they explain- inside the film in a much more intense way, as your job is then to transfer it to the public.

"To see something that moves you or that is beautiful, you don’t need to understand it, you just need to put yourself inside it” or “A good film is like a good teacher: it can teach you a lot of things”. There isn’t much to add to those words by the participants. They will keep working to prepare the presentation of Daydreams with the same enthusiasm with which they started this adventure.


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