Application deadline: 4th to 24th October 2017.               

Reserved exclusively for representatives of the media: written press, online press, press agencies, television networks, specialized magazines and radio.

There is a limited number of accreditations.



Application deadline: 4th to 24th October 2017.               

To complete the application process go to the following LINK. It is necessary to attach the following documents:   

1. A letter from the media director certifying that the applicant is the professional delegated to cover the Festival.

2. For accredited media in previous editions: information, news, reports and general coverage of festival activity that have been published.

3. For digital media and/or specialized blogs: confirmation of its informative and educational nature, its audience and the number of visits, along with a signed sample of recent work done recently on film or cultural matters.

4. For all applicants: a Festival coverage plan and report on the treatment that will receive the activity of the SEFF before and after it is held.

5. Personal photo.

The required documentation must be attached when applying for accreditation. Once submitted, your application will be studied.


For further information, please contact:


Telephone: (+34) 955 474 485 | (+34) 671 640 266   from 10:00h to 14:00h , and from 17:00h to 19:30h . 


PRESS accreditation is valid to direct access to press conferences and meetings and press screeningsFor the remaining Festival screenings there is a limited number of tickets. One ticket per screening can be acquired by presenting this accreditation at the ticket offices of the official screenings venues, for current day and the next day, in both cases up to half an hour before the screening.

This accreditation does not grant access to the opening and closing ceremonies and other special events.

Accreditation is personal and non-transferable. Incorrect use will result in its withdrawal by the organization. 


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