Make them Circulate!

Make them Circulate!

Monday 09 de October 2017

Make them Circulate!

The movies are there, there is also a public interested in them, and there are the theatres, festivals, and cultural centres able to show them. In order to find these screens that will connect the films to their public, they have to navigate a complex ecosystem, in which both private and public agents -be they local, regional, national or international- play a role. There is no model, but situations and opportunities that professionals need to be updated on continuously.

IndustriaSEFF offers this continuous training by means of a series of talks, presentations, workshops, and round tables that will improve the abilities of producers and directors regarding their internationalization.

Training program

(PUB): Open to the public; (PRO): Access for accredited professionals; (EXT): Requires inscription with Extenda; (AVA): Requires registration with  the Audiovisual foundation of Andalucía; (ICEX): Requires registration with ICEX

Monday, November the 6th

Morning session

9 am Opening session

9:30 am-11:20 am – Circulation strategies.  How to program for, and with the audience (PRO) + (EXT)

  • Chloé Faulkner, NFK, Norway. The Norwegian Federation of Film Clubs, with 110 members and 15.000 people associated, imports and distributes movies for its members, and is a source of information and education in the cinematographic field.

Reverse-engineer programming relies on the analysis of the surroundings, of the theatre, the knowledge of audience’s interests and on identifying groups with particular tastes, to finally collaborate with them in order to create a film programming which conforms to their needs (cultural, economical, of calendar…)

  • Raúl Díez, Youfeelm, Sevilla, Spain. The cinema on demand: when the audience makes the programming of a theatre

11:20 am-11:40am Coffee Break

11:40 am-12:40 am Circulation on the digital platforms (PRO) + (EXT)

The digital platforms have now established themselves as an alternative to illegal downloads, becoming a contact point between films and cinephiles, and adding value to film catalogues. Filmin is the online reference for quality movies in Spain, both because of its catalogue and its way of curating films, grouping them by themes, sections, monographs, and styles, in order to awaken the interest and curiosity of the spectator. A “human algorithm” Vs. the mathematic system of Netflix.

  • Jaume Ripoll, co-founder and editorial director, Filmin

Festival Scope is a platform for professionals (film programmers, distributors, sales agents or critics), favouring film’s visibility and circulation.

  • Alessandro Raja, CEO y founder, Festival Scope. Audience engagement and development

12:40am-1:40pm The importance of education (PUB)

Creating the audience of the future. The image is the very communicative element of the beginning of the 21st Century, and the educative system is an indispensable accomplice to get the young people interested in auteur cinema.

  • Núria Aidelman, Cine en curso, Moving Cinema y CinEd. In the classrooms and the theatre: programming, propositions, methodology to make the young people know and enjoy the auteur cinema.
  • Chloé Faulkner, NFK, Norway. The children and youth film societies and the role they play in film education.
  • Manuel Martín González, chief of the Educational Planning and Programming, General Directorate for Innovation of Andalusia regional government.  AulaDcine.

Afternoon session

03:30 pm-5 pm Workshop CANCELLED 

3:30pm-5:00pm Commercial Mission Extenda (EXT)

B2B meetings between Andalusian registered professionals and international experts. 


Tuesday November the 7th  

Morning Session

9:30am -10:45am Cinema in the museum. The cinematographic work of the art centres (PRO) + (EXT)

Recently, auteur cinema has found a refuge in festivals and also in museums and art centres. We shall explore various experiences at a national and international levels, the challenges and the limits.

  • Juliette Duret, Head of Cinema, Bozar, Belgium
  • Nico Marzano, Head of Film Programming, ICA, UK


10:45am-12:15am More than classics (PRO) + (EXT)

Film archives are a key element for the preservation, analysis, critic, and historiography of cinema. We shall discuss the circulation of the classics and the role of film archives in the exhibition independent cinema.

  • Frédéric Maire, Cinemathèque Suisse, president of the International Federation of Film Archives (FIAF), Switzerland
  • Pablo García Casado, director of the Andalusian film archive, Spain
  • Jaime Pena, CGAI (Centro Galego de Artes da Imaxe), Spain
  • José Antonio Hurtado, IVAC, La Filmoteca, Valencia, Spain
  • René Wolf, Eye Filmmuseum, The Netherlands


12:35am-1:30pm Catalogues and Festival Films (PRO) + (EXT)

Many films today become the so-called “festival films”, travelling from a festival to another, ending their career earlier than they deserve, without reaching their commercial distribution, unable to reach wider audiences, nor recovering their investment.  How can we facilitate the circulation of the quality titles that have already passed their commercial exploitation period? Is it possible to formalise this alternative distribution?

  • Ivana Ivisic, Everything works, Croatia
  • Ewa Bojanowska,  festival co-ordinator, New Europe Film Sales, Poland
  • Rocío Mesa, L.A. OLA, Spanish Contemporary Cinema Showcase, United States

Afternoon Session

3:30pm-5:00pm Workshop of International Sales in collaboration with the ECAM (PRO) + (EXT)

By Beatriz Setuain, production teacher at Madrid Film School ECAM


3:30pm – 5pm The short film and its circulation in Spanish regions (PUB)

The regional governments in Spain play a key role in promoting short films, especially through the catalogues and distribution circuits. The managers of some autonomous catalogues present their individual actions and combined strategies.

  • Txema López, Kimuak – Basque country
  • Ismael Martin, Madrid en corto – Community of Madrid
  • Victor Lamadrid, Cantabria en Corto, Cantabria

3:30pm-5pm Commercial Mission Extenda (EXT)

B2B meetings between Andalusian registered professionals and international experts.  


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