HERSTORY, the story of them.


HERSTORY, the story of them.

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"Herstory" is a term coined in opposition to "history", as a way of vindicating that part of history made invisible by the patriarchal mentality. Thus we call this series of meetings that bring to the forefront "their story" through the directors who are present in our programming, and who narrate through their films the lives of other women.

Empowerment journeys that mix emotions, struggles and stories of women from Seville to Africa, in a proposal that combines cinema, literature, theater and music.

Espacio Santa Clara. Calle Becas, s/n

  • Monday 9th, 12.30 h.  María Pérez Sanz y Christina Rosenvinge,  Karen
  • Wednesday 11th, 12.30 h. Carmen Tamayo,  Mujereando, and Rocío Huertas,  La Alameda 2018,

To attend this activity it will be essential to make a previous reservation through our registration link (still pending)

If you cannot attend, follow our meetings live through our Youtube channel.

If due to scheduling problems you cannot connect to the live streaming, do not worry. In the next few days we will upload the footage to our website and Youtube channel so that you can watch it whenever you want.