Inma Cuesta and Gervasio Iglesias will receive the RTVA Award at the SEFF

Inma Cuesta and Gervasio Iglesias will receive the RTVA Award at the SEFF

Monday 19 de October 2015

Radio Televisión de Andalucía (RTVA) has decided to grant the RTVA Award to the actress Inma Cuesta and the producer Gervasio Iglesis, for their outstanding film careers and for the recognition they have received both from the public and from the world of cinema and critics, in a year which has had excellent results for Andalusian cinema.  The award will be presented during the 12th Seville European Film Festival (SEFF), which will be held from 6th to 14th November, as was announced by Joaquín Durán, deputy general director of RTVA, at the signing of a collaboration agreement with the Seville Film Festival. The agreement was signed on behalf of the City Council by the deputy mayor and delegate for Urban Habitat, Culture and Tourism of Seville City Council, Antonio Muñoz.

Almost all of Gervasio Iglesias’ career has been linked to Canal Sur, both in the area of documentaries (“Underground, la ciudad del arco iris”, “Tiempo de leyenda”, “Tocaoras”), and of fiction (“Astronautas”, “Cabeza de perro”, “Por qué se frotan las patitas”, “After”, “Juan de los Muertos”, “Grupo 7”, “La isla mínima”), among many others, all of them with participation by the Andalusian public channel. And as regards the actress Inma Cuesta, she has starred in three films in her filmography which had the participation of Canal Sur Televisión: “El kaserón”, “La voz dormida” and “Grupo 7”. This is the actress’s year, she has worked in “Silencio” with Pedro Almodóvar, she is about to open “La novia”, which will be shown at the festival, and she has just opened “Los miércoles no existen”.

Since 2005, Radio Televisión de Andalucía has wanted to recognize the work of the most outstanding Andalusians on the audiovisual scene. Miguel Hermoso (2005), Juan Diego (2006), José Luis Gómez (2007), Ana Fernández (2008), Antonio de la Torre (2009), Antonio Banderas (2010), Benito Zambrano (2011), Paco León (2012), Josefina Molina (2013) and Alberto Rodríguez (2014) have received the RTVA award to date. Today the names of Inma Cuesta and Gervasion Iglesias are added to that list of names.


She was born in Valencia, but spent her childhood in Arquillos (Jaen), and she studied Drama in Cordoba. After graduating, she completed her education in Seville and then, in 2005, moved to Madrid where she enrolled at the Conservatorio y Escuela de Danza, Centro de Artes Escénicas, directed by Carmen Roche. There she began her career in the world of theatre with Nacho Cano, starring in the musical “Hoy no me puedo levantar”. Her first leading role in television came with the series “Amar en tiempos revueltos”. After three seasons and almost three years in the musical, she signed for the television series, “Plan América”, along with Pepe Sancho (TVE, 2008).

She soon had her first opportunity in cinema with the film “Café solo o con ellas”, along with Asier Etxeandía, Alejo Sauras, Diego Paris, Terele Pávez and Elena Ballesteros, among others. Later, she starred with Fele Martínez and Ángel de Andrés in the film “El Kaserón”.

In 2009, she began playing the role of Margarita in the TVE series “Águila roja”. She also made “Águila Roja: La Película”, the film version of the series, and starred in the film “Primos”, a comedy by Daniel Sánchez Arévalo, along with Quim Gutiérrez, Raúl Arévalo and Antonio de la Torre. In October 2011 she opened “La voz dormida”, a film by Benito Zambrano in which she co-starred with María León, set in the post-civil war period, and preselected by the Academia de las Artes y las Ciencias Cinematográficas de España. The role earned her a nomination for the 2012 Goya Awards for Best Actress, and she was also nominated for Best Leading Actress in Cinema for the Actors’ Union Awards.

During that year she also participated in the film “Grupo 7” (Alberto Rodríguez) along with Mario Casas and Antonio de la Torre. She played the role of Carmen de Triana, in the Spanish adaptation by Pablo Berger of “Blancanieves”, in a cast that included Maribel Verdú, Ángela Molina and Macarena García. At almost the same time, she starred in the short film by Rodrigo Atíenzar “Muchacha con Paisaje”, and participated in the film “Words with Gods” with Álex de la Iglesia, in a project where directors from around the world present an episode on religion.

In November 2012, she starred with Alberto Ammann, Karra Elejalde and Antonio de la Torre, in the latest film by Daniel Calparsoro, “Invasor”, for which she was nominated for Best Supporting Actress for the Mestre Mateo Awards.

In 2013 she starred in the comedy by Javier Ruiz Caldera “Tres bodas de más”. She went back to the world of musicals with Javier Gutiérrez and Marta Ribera in “¡Ay, Carmela!”. And, more recently, in 2014, she opened “Las ovejas no pierden el tren”, by Álvaro Fernández Armero, in which she starred along with Raúl Arévalo, and “Los miércoles no existen”, by Peris Romano.

During the summer of 2015 she worked on “Silencio” directed by Pedro Almodóvar, and “Kóblic” directed by Sebastian Borensztein, along with Ricardo Darín.

The awards obtained by the actress include her two Silver Fotogramas (Best Television Actress and Best Film Actress, respectively), the Best Actress award at the Monte Carlo Festival, and two nominations for the Goya, three for the Actors’ Union, one for the Television Academy Awards, two for the Circle of Film Writers, and one for the Feroz Awards.


At 18, he combined his studies in Philosophy and Cinema at the University of Valladolid with his professional work. In 1989 he obtained a permanent position in Televisión Española through public examination. In 2001 he requested unpaid leave and is still in that situation.

He combined that experience with numerous jobs on other productions, in Tele-Expo, with foreign televisions, with the University of Seville and with the production and direction of independent cinema.

In 2001, along with other professionals in the audiovisual sector, he founded La Zanfoña Producciones. They included directors, producers, editors and directors of photography with wide experience on public televisions like TVE and Canal Sur Televisión, and who also had a well-established career in the world of cinema. Their initial idea was to offer post-production services and, with the liquidity obtained, begin their own production projects which, in turn, could use and benefit from the services which the company already offered.

He is pruducer of, among others, the feature films “Los cómicos” (by Ana Pérez and Marta Rivas); “After”, “7 Vírgenes” and “La Isla Mínima”, bu Alberto Rodríguez; “La sirena y el buzo”, by Mercedes Moncada; “¿Por qué se frotan las patitas?”, by Álvaro Begines; “Qué tan lejos”, by Tania Hermida; “Cabeza de perro” and “Astronautas”, by Santi Amodeo; “El Underground: La Ciudad del Arco Iris”, which he directed with Santi Amodeo, and “María y Assou”, a TV-movie by Silvia Quer.

Also, Gervasio Iglesias has produced the documentaries “Moon Inside You” (Diana Fabiánová), “Dame Veneno” (Pedro Barbadillo), “La Giralda Perdida de Nueva York” (Diego Carrasco and Pedro Barbadillo), “Las dos orillas (Osuna-Mompox)” (Emilio González); “Presos del Silencio” (Mariano Agudo and Eduardo Montero); and “Embarcadero” (Dani Cuberta and Óscar Clemente); and the short films “Días Rojos” (Gonzalo Bendala), “Relojes De Arena” (José Ortuño and Laura Alvea); “Alicia Retratada” (Pablo García); “Muerte y resurrección” (Rocío Huertas), and “Palomita mía” (Jorge Laplace).

His many awards include the Silver Concha for Best Actor for Juanjo Ballesta for “7 Vírgenes”, the Goya for Best Newcomer for Jesús Carroza for the same film, which also won the Navaja de Buñuel Award. “Astronautas” was in Variety´s critic choice of 10 best European films, while “Qué tan lejos” won the Silver Zénith at Montreal. “La Isla Mínima” won 10 of the 17 awards for which it was nominated in the 2014 Goyas, and also the Silver Concha for Best Actor at the San Sebastian Festival for Javier Gutiérrez; the Jury Prize at San Sebastian for Álex Catalán for Best Photography, the 2014 Forqué Awards for Best Fiction Film and Best Actor for Javier Gutiérrez; five Feroz Awards (Best Drama, Best Direction for Alberto Rodríguez, Best Actor for Javier Gutiérrez, Best Original Music for Julio de la Rosa and Best Trailer); eight medals from the Circle of Film Writers on its seventieth anniversary (Film, Director, Actor -Javier Gutiérrez-, Best Newcomer -Nerea Barrios-, Original Script -Alberto Rodríguez and Rafael Cobos-, Photography -Álex Catalán-, Editing -José M. G. Moyano- and Music -Julio de la Rosa).

In addition to all these awards, he has received some 40 further distinctions, national and international, for various films by La Zanfoña selected for festivals at Cannes, Venice, Berlin, San Sebastian and Karlovy Vary, among others.


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