Prize Winners 2013

Golden Giraldillo
‘EL DESCONOCIDO DEL LAGO’, by Alain Guiraudie. (France, 2013)

Silver Giraldillo
‘SACRO GRA’, by Gianfranco Rosi. (Italy, 2013)

Best Director Award
TSAI MING-LIAN’ for ‘Stray Dogs’. (South Corea, 2013)

Best Screenplay Award
CLIO BARNARD for ‘The Selfish Giant’. (United Kingdom, 2013)

Best Actor Award
TONI SERVILLO for ‘La Gran Belleza’. (Italy, 2013)'

Best Actress Award
ALEXANDRA FINDER for ‘The Police Officer's Wife’. (Germany, 2013)

Best Cinematography Award
CLAIRE MATHON for ‘El desconocido del lago’. (France, 2013)

New Waves Award
‘LA JUNGLA INTERIOR’ by Juan Barrero. (Spain, 2013)

New Waves Award Special Mention
‘COSTA DA MORTE’ by Lois Patiño. (Spain, 2013)

New Waves Non-Fiction Award
‘COSTA DA MORTE’ by Lois Patiño. (Spain, 2013)

New Waves Non-Fiction Award. Special Mention
‘IT FOR OTHERS’ by Duncan Campbell. (United Kingdom, 2013)

Marvin & Wayne Award
‘TIN & TINA’ by Rubin Stein. (Spain, 2013)

FIPRESCI Award. Resistance Section
‘EL TRISTE OLOR DE LA CARNE’ by Cristóbal Arteaga Rozas. (Spain, 2013)

Junior Giraldillo 
‘OGGY Y LAS CUCARACHAS’ by Olivier Jean-Marie. (France, 2013)

Grand Audience Award
‘ALABAMA MONROE’ by Felix Van Groeningen. (France, 2013)

Eurimages Award
‘LA GRAN BELLEZA’ by Paolo Sorrentino.(Spain, 2013)

Andalusian Panorama Shorts Award
‘NO TIENE GRACIA’ by Carlos Violadé. (Spain, 2013)

‘LA GRAN BELLEZA’ by Paolo Sorrentino. (Spain, 2013)

ASECAN Award. Special Mention
‘10.000 NOCHES EN NINGUNA PARTE’ by Ramón Salazar. (Spain, 2013)

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