Prize Winners 2012

Golden Giraldillo
‘EAT SLEEP DIE’ by Gabriela Pichler. (Sweden, 2012)

Silver Giraldillo
‘BOY EATING THE BIRD’S FOOD’ by Ektoras Lygizos (Greece, 2012)

Special Jury Award
‘REALITY’  by Matteo Garrone, (Italy and France, 2012)

Best Screenplay Award
‘PARADISE FAITH’ by Ulrich Seidl & Veronika Franz (Austria, France and Germany, 2012)

Best Actor Award
YANNIS PAPADOPOULOS for ‘Boy eating the bird’s food’ (Greece, 2012)

Best Actress Award
NERMINA LUKAC for ‘Eat Sleep Die’ (Sweden, 2012)

Best Cinematography Award
AGNÈS GODARD for ‘Sister’ (France an Switzerland, 2012)

Giraldillo Eurodoc Section to the Best Non-Fiction Film
‘LEVIATHAN’ by Lucien Castaing-Taylor & Verena Paravel (United Kingdom, USA and France, 2012)

Ex - aequo
‘MAPA’ by León Siminiani (Spain, 2012)

New Waves Award
‘ARRAIANOS’ by Eloy Enciso (Spain, 2012)

Eurimages Award To The Best European Coproduction
‘SISTER’ by Ursula Meier (France an Switzerland, 2012)
Ex - aequo
‘PARADISE FAITH’ by Ulrich Seidl (Austria, France and Germany, 2012)

Junior Giraldillo
‘EL CORAZÓN DEL ROBLE’ by Ricardo Ramón & Ángel Izquierdo (Spain, 2012)

Grand Audience Award
‘AMOUR’ by Michael Haneke (Germany, France and Austria, 2012)

City of Seville Award

‘THE HUNT’ by Thomas Vinterberg. (Danemark, 2012)

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