Of monsters, tales and other fictions

Of monsters, tales and other fictions

Sunday 08 de November 2015

The second day of the Seville Festival opened a weekend full of cinema and activities to celebrate the seventh art. Starting early in the morning we attended the press screening of The Tale of Tales, followed by a talk by its director, Matteo Garrone, with the media, presented by the film critic Carlos Reviriego. An opportunity to know in more detail about this adaptation of the homonymous book by the 17th century Neapolitan author Giambattista Basile, of which the Italian director said he respected the scant presence of dialogue. “This film is a tribute to silent cinema, because I looked for the spectacular image”. Also, Garrone pointed to Goya’s influence on his film, dark and macabre, like his own past as a painter.

After the opening, yesterday we saw another very special gala with the world premiere at the Seville Festival of El tiempo de los monstruos. Most of cast of the film were present, along with a series of famous companions from the national creative scene who didn’t want to miss the ceremony compered by the actor and humorist Álex O'Dogherty. So the red carpet at the Lope de Vega theater was filled with such figures as the director Félix Sabroso; the actors Javier Cámara, Candela Peña, Julián López, Secun de la Rosa and Jorge Monje; other artists such as Bibiana Fernández, Santiago Tabernero, Deborah Palomo, Juan Flahn and Jimmy Barnatán; and fashion designers including David Delfín, Vero Díaz, Elena Benarroch, Jossie and Carlos Díez Díez. Yesterday was the time of well-known faces.

Another great personality, Timothy Spall, who the night before had received the City of Seville Award, had a talk with the audience who came to see Mr. Turner, for which he won the Best Actor Award at the SEFF 2014. Spall, whose powerful voice explains to a great extent his prestige as an actor, shared with those who attended how he prepared for that role, for which he received painting classes for two years. “It hurts a lot that, even with that, the level of my paintings reached only what Turner was doing with he was barely 9 years old”, the British actor joked.

Finishing off an intense day, it was again the turn for a talk with Matteo Garrone, on this occasion with the audience at the Lope de Vega, who attended en masse the screening of The Tale of Tales. People keen to know other views, other tales, in order to understand something of what is happening to us or, simply, letting ourselves be surprised by what we see (on the screen).


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