The other side of the European cinema

The other side of the European cinema

Wednesday 11 de November 2015

Great expectations for Roberto Minervini, winner of The David di Donatello Award for his previous film Stop the Pounding Heart (2013) and author of The Other Side, his fourth feature film that made its Spanish première at SEFF (also screened in the Un Certain Regard section at the Cannes Film Festival). On the border between fiction and documentary, The Other Side is a journey into the hidden underbelly of a North American community. Yesterday, during a public meeting Minervini, accompanied by Diego Romero, his director of photography, talked about the film for which he invested 150 hours of shooting in one year,  living together with his characters and trying not to judge them: “The major fictional load would be me interposing between the actors and the camera’. Furthermore, the Italian-born, Texas- based director explained the American control and surveillance which he had been subjected to after his last two films: “It’s a political film, I wanted to start a debate on issues such as weapons control”.

Paul Vecchiali is another filmmaker accustomed to being on the other side due to his independent career as director and producer on the sidelines of the film industry and even alienated by Nouvelle Vague authors, friends of his, such as Jaques Demy. The SEFF has hosted the world première of his latest film, C’est l’amour, as well as a retrospective of his filmography which, perhaps because of its controversial themes, did not receive the deserved popularity. “I almost have the same creative freedom I had when I was born”, stated the French director at the press conference, accompanied by the leading actress of the aforementioned film, Astrid Adverbe. “She is astonishing in C’est l’amour” he said “and I want to thank her for having understood her role fully”.  Those were not the only humble and lavish words the distinguished 85-year-old director addressed his film crew: “True freedom comes from the confidence we have in each other”.

Generational peers Ivan Ostrochovský and Armel Hostiou share a unique cinematographic perspective which has led them to compete in the New Waves with their latest films. Yesterday, they also shared a coffee with the press and talked about Koza and Stubborn (Une histoire américaine).

The day ended with an event that gave recognition to the career of two distinguished  personalities of the recent Andalusian cinema. The Lope de Vega Theater put its gala dress back on to host the RTVA Award, accorded to Spanish actress Inma Cuesta (leading actress of La Novia, screened yesterday after the event) and producer Gervasio Iglesias (Mi querida España, in Andalusian Panorama section), "for their brilliant professional careers and the recognition that they have been receiving  from the public, the film industry and the critics". Yesterday, all those sectors gathered in a crowded theater which welcomed with a standing ovation the stimulating Andalusian panorama which we can enjoy today and which, according to all indications, we will be admiring over the next few years.


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