The sensation of having been there

The sensation of having been there

Friday 13 de November 2015

A moment yesterday for The New Waves of European cinema. The Hispano-Mexican filmmaker Enrique Rivero presented the world premiere at the Seville Festival of his third feature film, the first he has shot in Spain. The director of Parque Vía (Gold Leopard at Locarno) recounts in Pozoamargo the story of Jesús who, after abandoning his pregnant wife, begins a tortuous relationship with Gloria, played by Natalia de Molina –who accompanied Rivero yesterday at the press conference. "It’s a film of sensations, where the images speak for themselves and the space has much more importance than the dialogue”, said the director of Pozoamargo. And, indeed, the setting is part of the story of this film shot in the town in La Mancha with the same name, Pozoamargo, "inhabited by little more than a hundred people in winter ".

In My friend Victoria, a story by Nobel winner Doris Lessing is transported to Paris today by Jean-Paul Civeyrac, winner of the Jean Vigo Award for his previous film Toutes ces belles promesses. In his latest film, the French director reflects on the conflicts of race and class, very prevalent social themes in contemporary Europe: “What does it mean to be a foreigner, even if you’re French?” asked Civeyrac in his meeting with the media. “We are all born in certain countries by sheer chance ". He pointed out that, going beyond the political theme, My friend Victoria "has metaphysical connotations ".

Also in The New Waves, but in the Non-Fiction section, is The event, the latest filmic attack by Sergei Loznitsa. After his acclaimed Maidan (one of the great documentaries of 2014), the Ukrainian filmmaker again tackles the conflict between his country and Russia in an epic documentary built exclusively from archive material. During a coffee with the press, Loznitsa proved to be as eloquent as his films: "What interests me about cinematic language is creating unity from chaos”. The prestigious documentary maker made a chronicle, without additives or commentaries, of the three days that shook the foundations of the USSR in 1991: “In making The Event my intention was that the spectator should feel that he was there".

Yesterday we also attended the meeting by the directors of the feature films and short films included in the Andalusian Panorama section which looks at the best productions from our region. "In this section old clichés are overturned and new views of Andalusia are presented”, said Juan Antonio Bermúdez, responsible for the selection of these 24 titles. He also wanted to stress the high level of attendance by the public at all the sessions in the Alameda Theatre, There is still a hunger for cinema in Seville.

To end the day, the Lope de Vega Theatre again hosted a special event with the gala for the presentation of the Imagenera Awards, given by the Centro de Estudios Andaluces to Mi querida España, by Mercedes Moncada, and Melchor Rodríguez, El ángel rojo, by Alfonso Domingo.


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