SEFF as a key reference and meeting place for European cinema

SEFF as a key reference and meeting place for European cinema

Thursday 24 de November 2016

A total of 127 directors from all of Europe opt for Seville for their national premieres and 29 for their international premieres, the festival has welcomed over 400 filmmakers and actors. In 2016 the festival had over 120,000 euros in box office take, 27.5% more than in 2015, with over 70,000 spectators in the cinemas.

The Seville European Film Festival has, at the close of the present edition, a positive balance of results.  When the average spectator’s interest is centred on seeing cinema, or other entertainment proposals, on digital platforms, or going to see premieres of commercial, highly promoted films in the best of cases, managing to fill cinemas for nine days offering European auteurist cinema is more than a success. It’s true that SEFF’s proposal is not only to see films, it also implies sharing the cinema with other filmmakers, talking about a film with its director, exchanging opinions, learning to look and understand how those around us look, coming out of a screening and going into another one in the next cinema, and sitting next to the protagonists of the previous screening anxious to see the work of another filmmaker, happy to be in Seville and to be experiencing SEFF. Going to the cinema is seeing a film; going to the festival is much more.

When it comes to supplying audience and box office figures, the festival has the necessary infrastructure to issue certificates of compliance via the Instituto de la Cinematografía y las Artes Audiovisuales (ICAA), regarding the total or partial inclusion of spectators at festivals and in the overall calculation of spectators at a film. For the first time the festival has surpassed 70,000 cinema spectators, and confirms an increase of 15% in attendance at screenings with regard to the 2015 edition. Another number that the festival has surpassed is that of 100,000 euros with a take of 120,659 euros, which means an increase of 27.5% on the last edition (94,581 €). Online sales were 56%, as opposed to 16% in 2015 due to the implementation and incorporation of a unique sales system via the internet sales platform of the Instituto de la Cultura y las Artes of Seville City Council which has meant an improvement in the festival’s online sales system, making it more accessible and improving its usability. As for season ticket sales, there has also been an increase, going from 1,617 to 1,816. The senior season ticket, a novelty in this edition’s season ticket system, has been very well received, with a total of 463 sales. 



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