World premiere of 'Bajo la piel de lobo' and special screening of 'El Autor'

World premiere of 'Bajo la piel de lobo' and special screening of 'El Autor'

Friday 08 de September 2017

The world premiere of ‘Bajo la piel de lobo’ by Samu Fuentes, starring Mario Casas, Irene Escolar and Ruth Díaz; and ‘El autor’ by Manuel Martín Cuenca, with Javier Gutiérrez, Antonio de la Torre and María León. 

Insisting on its role as a space for the diffusion of and support for Spanish cinema, in 2017 the Seville European Film Festival will hold screenings of titles with imminent commercial release dates. In this context, the festival will hold the world premiere, within the Official Section out of competition, of Bajo la piel de lobo, the debut in fiction of Samu Fuentes in which Mario Casas plays a trapper who chooses to turn his back on civilization and lead a solitary life in the mountains. Casas shares protagonism with the nature around him, the striking Pyrenees in Huesca and Western Asturias. The film, whose cast and crew will be in Seville for its premiere, is produced by Joseba Garmendia (Orreaga Filmak) and Javier Pruaño (NASA Producciones), with the participation of ICAA and TVE, and the cast is completed by Irene Escolar, Ruth Diaz and Ramón Barea. 

After its screening in San Sebastian, the Seville Festival will also show El autor by the Andalusian director Manuel Martín Cuencabefore its commercial release. The film was shot in Seville and the city colours its spirt. Based on 'El Móvil', the first novel by Javier Cercas, the film recreates the personal conflicts of first time novelist who, in his search for inspiration and experiences to put down on paper, will shape and fictionalize his immediate reality. The fifth fiction film by the director of Caníbal and La flaqueza del Bolchevique, it is produced by Icónica, Lazona and La Loma Blanca PC., with the support of the ICAA, the Regional Government de Andalusia, TVE and Canal Sur. It stars Javier Gutiérrez, María León  and Antonio de la Torre who are accompanied by a wide selection of Andalusian actors, most notably Adelfa Calvo from Malaga and Rafael Téllez from Seville.


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