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Next 11th November, Extenda, MEDIA Creative Europe Desk Andalusia and SEFF Industry will organise in Seville’s Hotel Hesperia, as part of the SEFF 2015, an interesting day-long conference with discussion and action about non-fiction cinema in which the active agents in this field (televisions, institutions, producers, distributors, directors) will be able to benefit from the experience of the Scottish Documentary Institute and of one of the most  important production companies, sales agents and distribution companies of non-fiction cinema in Europe, Taskovski films.

The conference is structured around presentations open to those with SEFF professional accreditation and meetings with small groups (only for professionals enrolled in the activity through the MEDIA Creative Europe Desk Andalusia) about how to orient documentary projects from their inception so that they have a possibility of obtaining finance for their production and international distribution once the films are finished.

Below, we are detailing the various activities that will make up this conference:



Creation of ecosystems favourable to non-fiction cinema: The Scottish Documentary Institute

Founded in 2004 and affiliated to the Edinburgh College of Art at Edinburgh University, the SDI trains documentary makers and, through a structure of agreements that includes institutions, televisions and festivals, produces and distributes short and feature-length documentaries.

A representative of the Scottish Documentary Institute and one of the participants in its programme Bridging The Gap will share the ins and outs of the initiative and its results, and comment on other parallel activities developed at the Institute in order to inspire projects and collaborations.

The aim of this conference is to share with Spanish filmmakers and producers the Scottish Documentary Institute’s experience and its view of the opportunities for financing, production, distribution and marketing strategies currently being offered to documentary film projects.

This is also an opportunity to evaluate the possibility of adapting in Spain some of the initiatives successfully developed by the Institute.



From the idea to financing and circulation strategies at festivals and markets to obtain international distribution. Tavskosky films

The presentation will be given by Irena Taskovski, founder and director of this production and distribution company with offices in London and Berlin. It will emphasize the key points to bear in mind when developing a non-fiction project, from the subject and research, but above all how to write and present the project and how to present it to potential financiers. During the process of production and postproduction and once the film is finished, it is also necessary to establish a circulation strategy for the film at markets and festivals in order to obtain its distribution.


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15:00h - 17h (only for those enrolled through the MEDIA Creative Europe Desk Andalusia):

Workshops by the SDI and Irena Taskovski with reduced groups about the enrollees’ projects

The final content will be decided depending on the characteristics of the projects described by the participants on their enrollment applications for the activity.


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