The Antiquarium and the Centro Andaluz de Arte Contemporáneo have become Seville Festival spaces

The Antiquarium and the Centro Andaluz de Arte Contemporáneo have become Seville Festival spaces

Friday 27 de October 2017

The Seville Festival has a wide programme of events outside of the cinemas in order to reach other areas of the city with cultural proposals which complement the activities arising from the screenings and meeting with the filmmakers. In this edition, as well as having educational projects, activities related to the film industry, presentations of books and concerts, the festival agenda is enriched with two exhibitions: Arching Logic, by Beatriz Sánchez, in the Antiquarium and a retrospective of Bouchra Khalili in the Centro Andaluz de Arte Contemporáneo.


The fresh, irreverent work of Beatriz Sánchez comes to the Antiquarium

On 3rd November the Cordoban artist Beatriz Sánchez inaugurates the exhibition Arching Logic, which can be visited until 11th November. In its title, the creator make a pun with archeology (for its location in the Roman remains of the Antiquarium) and with breaking or deforming logic. The exhibition will show the frantic, acid, humorous world of the Andalusian creator through pieces that range from her video creations, a mixture of animation, collage and performance, to false archeological remains and including drawings and objects. The selection of works makes it possible to appreciate the warrior, irreverent and absurd spirit with which Sánchez creates.

Beatriz Sánchez works around the impact on us of the heteronormative discourse and the society of information through various disciplines such as drawing, performance or audiovisual creation. Sánchez is constantly renewing her language (parody, invocation of the absurd, dérive, animated gif, use of body prostheses, graffiti…) in order to question the subjective figures of the responsible citizen and what is socially desirable, enabling a reflection-action on the reificiation effect on women of sexography for men, or carrying out a practical investigation of the possibilities offered by virtual social networks for disembodying identity and re-materialising in a parallel personality with a capacity to interact with other digital identities and generate impossible stories. Her works have been enjoyed at important art spaces, fairs and festivals such as Bilbaoarte, Iniciarte, NU2’s, the Rafael Boti Foundation, VADfestival, ARCO, ESTAMPA, CAIXAFORUM, LA CASA ENCENDIDA, ELCENTRO CIBELES and  I+CAS, among others. At present she is combining production of her artistic work with making video clips for popular groups in Spain such as Guadalupe Plata, Cabezafuego, Chin Yi or Atom Rhumba.


The CAAC is exhibiting pieces by Bouchra Khalili dealing with geopolitics and migrations

From 2nd November until 4th March next year, the Centro Andaluz de Arte Contemporáneo is exhibiting work by the Moroccan Bouchra Khalili. The exhibition, with a marked political character, alternates between works focused on personal stories to do with migrations and others about critical theory regarding colonialism, resistance and political philosophy.

Bouchra Khalili’s work goes deeply into the signifed and the signifiers of territorial limits, political frontiers and the current movement of populations. Through image, fundamentally video whether mono channel or in installation format, she develops her work somewhere between cinema and the visual arts, between documentary and experimental work, blurring in this way the limits between disciplines. Khalili conceives the Mediterranean basin as a wandering reality, the old setting for the transit of ideas and people which today shows us the most dramatic portrait of human migrations. She documents places through their image and the stories that these contain; dimensions and realities which the artist manages to relocate through unusual perceptive experiences, and in this way offer testimony of the polyhedral phenomenon of the movement of people that happens to us day after day. In short, Khalili offers us a mapping of resistance, a map of a reality in continuous mutation.

Khalili has shown her work in numerous individual exhibitions in art centres such as MoMA New York (2016), the Palais de Tokyo in Paris (2015), MACBA in Barcelona (2015) or PAMM (2013-2014) among others. She has received various awards and distinctions, some of the more notable of which are the Abraaj Group Award in 2014, the Berlin DAAD in 2012 or the Louis Lumière Award in France, in 2005. This exhibition is a co-production by the Centro Andaluz de Arte Contemporáneo, where it will begin its tour, Secession in Vienna and Jeu de Paume in Paris.


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